"It’s disgusting": Tooting residents speak out about rubbish filled streets

  Posted: 06.04.21 at 08:27 by Kurt Robson

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Tooting residents have been speaking out against the 'disgusting' amount of rubbish that regularly litters some of its streets.

Videos and photos of different roads show food, rubbish and fast food boxes on pavements and in parking spots.

Monday mornings after waste collection have been collectively reported as one of the worst times for rubbish.

Many residents leave their bin bags exposed throughout the evening which allows foxes to get in.

One resident said: "The streets are just an utter disgrace. After collection day on Mondays, it is like walking on a refuse dump.

"Not every house but some residents just deposit their rubbish out on the road.

📸 Ed Upton

"I would suggest to the Council that they write to the offending households and request them to bag their refuse in accordance to the Council regulations."

A Furzedown resident said: "This is why we put the bins out Monday morning just before pick up so foxes can’t get to them.

"Our road is full of rubbish too, nappies, food containers etc."

Wandsworth Council's street cleaners often come round to clear excess rubbish late Monday or Tuesday, but some claim part of their road does not get targeted.

A resident said: "The street cleaners never clean my part of the road, it’s most annoying, and too many hospital staff cars parked so they can’t get into the gutters."

📸 Lizzie Ashby

Tooting residents have shot back against 'rubbish offenders' and said that the council shouldn't be relied on to clear up the mess.

"We shouldn't have to rely on the council to clean our streets costing us all money when people could just buy a click bin to prevent this happening in the first place.

"Or put the rubbish out in the morning. Appreciate the clean-up the next day but never gets everything," said a Tooting Graveney resident.

Tooting MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan recently called on residents to share their experiences with waste and litter.

"The issue of litter in our community is a growing concern for me, and no doubt for many residents," Allin-Khan said.

She will be raising the issues raised with Wandsworth Council and 'pressing them to Tidy Up Tooting'.

Tooting Common visitors recently spoke out about the amount of litter as the weather began to get warmer.

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