Tooting REWIND: This road came out of their houses to sing together on Christmas Day

  Posted: 06.04.21 at 18:42 by Kurt Robson

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As the weather gets brighter, let's take a look back to when Tooting was a lot darker.

25th December 2020, London's Christmas one-day relaxation period was taken away.

Other places in the UK could form a 'Christmas bubble'.

With Tooting locked inside and many people away from their family - one resident took it upon themselves to spread Christmas cheer.

Here is our article reporting on that special moment.


Peter Brice led the singing on his keyboard

Residents living on Chasefield Road in Tooting came out of their homes on Christmas Day to sing carols.

Tooting resident Peter Brice took it upon himself to organise a doorstep carol sing as a way to bring the community together in troubled times.

Peter posted lyrics through the doors of all of his neighbours houses and told residents to come out at 4.30pm.

“I probably expected about ten households to come out and sing but more people just kept on coming,” Peter told Nub News.

A lover of carols and a good sing-along, Peter was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to spend time singing with all of his family on Christmas.

Chasefield Road residents spreading Christmas cheer

Peter said: “The news about not being able to spend Christmas with family came as quite a shock to everyone I think.

“I knew that a lot of people could be spending it on their own this year.

"I thought it’d be nice to find some small and legal way to celebrate it as a street.”

Peter played his keyboard and guitar to keep everyone in time.

"I'm obviously not a genius on the guitar but I wanted to make sure we had something that kept us all together," Peter added.

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