Location of Green Flag on Tooting Common announced as hundreds of residents vote

  Posted: 18.10.21 at 15:54 by Tommy Joyce

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Tooting residents have decided where its new Green Flag will go on its common.

Last year it was announced that Tooting Common had been awarded Green Flag status - an internationally recognised award given to parks that have a high standard of maintenance.

This means that a new flag will fly proudly from Tooting Common park - and residents recently had the chance to vote where this new flag will go.

Nearly 400 people had their say in where they wanted the flag to go, and they have decided that the flagpole should be positioned by the water fountain on Dr Johnson Avenue and Tooting Bec Roads.

This location mopped up 46 per cent of the vote. Other options were by the cafe near Bedford Hill and Hillbury Road or by the ecology pond at the junction of Elmbourne Road and Tooting Bec Roads.

Commenting on the response, Oli Griffiths, Tooting Commons Management Advisory Committee (TCMAC) chairman said: “Being awarded a green flag is something we can be proud of. And the users of the common selecting the site for the flag pole is wonderful”.

Kirsten Booting, the TCMAC secretary, said: "Our parks and commons were a lifeline for many of us during lockdown. We are lucky to have a well-managed park on our doorstep, which the TCMAC is protecting for future generations. And it is great that it has been recognised with the Green Flag award.

"I think we can all get a little bit complacent about our park but it's a really well-managed something that the community should be proud of."

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