68 homes proposed to replace Tooting Police Station as plans revealed

  Posted: 23.11.21 at 19:07 by Tommy Joyce

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68 homes could replace Tooting Police Station after plans for the site have been revealed.

The proposals have been published online, with Telereal Trillium - the development company in ownership of the building - asking for local feedback.

Within the proposals, it says approximately 68 homes (ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom) could be built, seven of which will have wheelchair access.

Many of these homes will be affordable and there is also a focus on sutainability.

The plans will also look to protect the existing layout of the building, with some landscape improvements.

A statement from the group says: "New homes are at the centre of the regeneration of the former Tooting Police Station.

How the old station looked (Image: formertootingpolicestation.com)

"Our ambition is to include affordable housing in the development, given there are costs associated with refurbishing a listed building and our focus on protecting heritage it is expected that the proposal will be tested at viability for the acceptable level of affordable housing."

There are also plans to add non-residential spaces within the buildings that can be of use to wider residents and the community.

These will include community spaces or commercial spaces, a new pedestrian route that will enable local residents to get closer to the site than previously and improving the landscaping at the front of the site.

The site was taken over by squatters back in June, leading to anti-vaccine graffiti appearing all over the building . The site was reclaimed a number of days afterwards.

To read more about the proposals for the Tooting Police Station, you can go to the website, formertootingpolicestation.com

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