Tooting residents continue to hear spooky 'humming noise' late at night

  Posted: 10.06.21 at 10:53 by Kurt Robson

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Tooting residents have been continued to hear a spooky 'humming noise' late at night.

The mysterious noise has not yet been able to be explained - with many residents having different ideas on what the noise could be.

One resident who got in touch with Tooting Nub News said that she feared it was 'bees nesting' in her roof rafters.

The Blackshaw Road resident heard the 'low-level hum' at around 1am.

The sound is reminiscent of something similar that's been reported in Bristol.

Bristolians have said they are 'plagued' by a 'mysterious low-level hum' that can not be traced.

Chasefield Road, Tooting

Residents of Chasefield Road previously spoke to Nub News about their experience with the hum.

One resident told us: "Could it be a generator from the big building site on Upper Tooting Road?

"We used to hear a weird hum from the top windows in summer but that may have been the Plough Lane development or even air con at St George’s."

Another resident questioned: "No one else here can hear it so I finally thought I was hearing things. No idea what it is?"

Have you heard the noise? What is your experience?

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