Parts of Tooting Common fenced off for renovation

  Posted: 03.05.21 at 10:07 by Kurt Robson

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Parts of Tooting Common have been fenced off by the council and Enable Parks due to 'intense footfall' throughout the pandemic.

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Much of the grassland in Tooting Common has unfortunately become damaged and worn from heavy use.

Large parts of the common are now fenced off to walkers to allow time for the grass to grow back.

A spokesperson for Enable Parks said: "This grassland is undergoing renovation following intense footfall during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The heavy use of the area has severely limited the growth of vegetation here.

Signage from Enable Parks and Wandsworth Council

"Renovation methods we will be using may include fencing, harrowing, and re-seeding (in certain areas).

"This will protect the area, reduce soil compaction, and should allow vegetation to re-establish.

"Please respect the fencing and be patient while this renovation work takes place.

"It may take up to a year for the ground to recover but we are checking it regularly and will take down the fencing as soon as the ground has adequately recovered."

Friends Of Tooting Common recently wrote to the council and Enable Parks about the current state of Tooting Common.

Part of their letter reads: "Waterlogging has persisted in some parts of the Common from heavy usage last summer and rainfall earlier this year.

"Without urgent action, this poor condition is likely to worsen yet further with the likely high usage of the Common again over this summer."

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