'We can sort this out' - Police appeal to 49-year-old wanted on recall to prison

  Posted: 11.09.21 at 06:00 by Tommy Joyce

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A man is wanted in Wandsworth on recall to prison.

Do you recognise the man in the photo? His name is Masum Ahmed and he is 49.

If so, Wandsworth Police would like to hear from you to help find the Masum.

Masum Ahmed is wanted on recall to prison. A 'recall' means that someone has been released on license or parole but they have broken the rules of their probation.

Within the appeal, Wandsworth Police have asked for Masum to take himself to the closest police station so they can 'sort out' his situation.

A Wandsworth Police tweet said : "Masum AHMED (49) Wanted on recall to prison.

"Masum, get yourself down to your nearest police station and we can sort this out?

"Call 101 with info.

"Call 999 if you see him

"Call #Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

"Ref: 01WW/806310."

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