Bernadette Cooper vanished from Tooting 28 years ago, do you know her?

  Posted: 25.02.21 at 20:23 by Kurt Robson

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Bernadette Cooper vanished from Tooting 28 years ago without a trace.

Her nephew is looking for anyone who might have information on the disappearance of his beloved auntie.

Bernadette Cooper, mum of three, was known as a 'bubbly' and 'memorable' character.

Her nephew is now looking for anyone in the Tooting area who might have information on the disappearance of his beloved auntie.

Bernadette, 49 at the time of her disappearance, was a frequent visitor to The Horse & Groom - known now as Graveney & Meadow.

New information tied to active proceedings has meant that Met police have opened an investigation into her disappearance.

Leon, Bernadette's nephew who has been continuing the search for his auntie for over twenty years, relayed the information currently known to Nub News.

In the 1980's Bernadette was running a bar in Spain, Molly Malones, with her then-husband.

They unfortunately came into some financial trouble with the Spanish recession taking hold in the early 1990s.

Bernadette's marriage began to crumble around the same time, and the couple filed for divorce.

It is understood that Bernadette became late on rent, and unable to raise money from family or friends, she temporarily closed the bar in 1992 to fly to her marital home in Mitcham.

Bernadette made a phone call from The Horse & Groom pub, letting one of her friends know that she had succeeded in her mission.

Leon relayed the conversation to Nub News: “Tell the lawyer acting for the bar that I have the funds."

These were the last words heard by Bernadette. No one close has heard anything since.

Leon told Nub News: "We need anyone who used to drink with her in the pub or knew her from the Bingo Hall nearby.

"Someone has to recognise her."

If you have any information, however seemingly insignificant, every bit of information will be treated in the strictest confidence and privacy guaranteed. Call 07948461059 or email [email protected]

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