Newly married Tooting couple swap flat for tents as they attempt gruelling London to Tokyo bike ride

  Posted: 11.10.21 at 14:44 by Tommy Joyce

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A married couple from Tooting are attempting a year-long challenge by cycling from London to Tokyo.

Matt and Coco Morley have swapped their flat in Tooting for a tent as they travel through Europe and Asia on just their bikes.

Their journey - which they have dubbed Tour de Moco - began back in May and they are hoping to cycle a total of 15,000km through around 20 different countries, before aiming to finish in Tokyo.

The pair, who both work for the Department of Education, are raising money for Mercy Ships - a charity that operates hospital ships in developing nations, staffed by volunteers from across the world.

Matt and Coco are covering the costs of the journey themselves.

So far they are 4,000km into their travels. They have gone through 13 countries and have experienced many troubles so far, including flat tyres, stomach bugs and even getting stuck in tar. But that hasn't dampened their motivation to try and finish this daunting task and help support the charity.

They are raising money for Mercy Ships (Image: Gareth Russell)

Coco, 31, said: "We are very fortunate that we can stop work and do this. I’ve always been interested in everything medical.

"I have a couple of friends with medical jobs who have volunteered in Africa to give amazing gifts to help people access healthcare.

"We want to help people in other countries access what we have daily, that we are so fortunate to have."

Coco and Matt's belongings are currently sat in storage and they have just nine bags between them for this entire year, as well as a range of gadgets to make their lives a bit easier.

30-year-old Matt said: "We both want to explore different cultures, meet people who are different and expand our minds.

Matt and Coco Morley have travelled through 13 countries so far and are expecting to do a lot more (Image: Gareth Russell)

"But we also want to simplify and strip back from all the stuff in our lives and be grateful for the tent above our heads. We want to use it as a chance to worship and experience and appreciate creation.

Both Matt and Coco are missing their family, friends and real beds greatly, they have both praised the supports they have had, as well as all of the donations.

"They’re all sad to see us go but we have had so much helpful advice and they can track our location when they like, so that helps them." Matt added.

They set off on May 30 and have already travelled through Spain, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, north Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

£5,000 was the target that they set - and so far they are 90 per cent of the way, with £4,530 raised thus far.

The pair are hoping to end in Japan (Image: Gareth Russell)

You can donate to the couple's cause by going to their JustGiving page.

You can also follow the Tour de Moco by following their Instagram page.

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