WATCH: Video shows Egyptian Geese family interacting with rats on Tooting Common

  Posted: 03.05.21 at 10:27 by Kurt Robson

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A resident has filmed an interesting video documenting the beautiful Egyptian Geese family interacting with the ever-growing rat population at Tooting Common.

The video, uploaded by Pulchrae Mundi, shows the two-parent Geese and their four goslings going about their duck business as a family.

Pulchrae Mundi said: "It's worth watching the whole video, because there's a lot happening.

"From them swimming around on the lake, to feeding, playing, trying to hop up a step and not succeeding, being alert not to end up a rat's lunch, being super cute and hiding under mama's protective wings when snowy rain starts falling."

Residents have recently noticed that the number of goslings has fallen from nine to four.

It's common that not all goslings survive as life is difficult from a young age.

"I hope these little ones make it and will get to grow up," Pulchrae added.

"But their little lives are in constant danger from rats, foxes and other birds."

You can find out more about Pulchrae Mundi's Youtube Channel here.

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