Tooting community become invested in woman's search for love

  Posted: 24.02.21 at 14:49 by Kurt Robson

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The Tooting community became invested in one woman's search for love on Valentine's Day weekend after she posted on social media hoping to identify a man.

Maddy Mussen, a 23-year-old Tooting Bec resident, asked for the community's help in identifying a 'very pretty man smoking a rollie' after she saw him on an afternoon walk.

A night of drinking with her housemates led Maddy to post a light-hearted social media appeal in search of her new crush.

Maddy told Nub News: "He was on a road near my house and looked at me, I knew something was going on.

"It was incredibly fleeting and looking back at it now he was probably just looking at me because I was looking at him."

When Maddy woke up the following day, her post had garnered hundreds of interactions and was filled with comments from residents invested in the search.

The post that started it all

Maddy continued: "The comments were blowing up. It was quite controversial because people were saying that a man wouldn’t be able to do this.

"I do respect that if a man did that to me I would probably move house.

"Unless he was gorgeous in his photo, which I am, so I think it’s a little bit alright.

"It’s a bit of harmless fun, I was drunk, I’m a woman, so I’m allowing it."

Maddy received countless comments and messages from residents who wanted an update on her love life.

Maddy Mussen, 23

"Some people were following it more than me," Maddy said.

"I have been contacted on Facebook and told that I have a following and had to come back to update everyone.

"Sometimes it was really overwhelming and I woke up to like eighty emails.

"It’s nothing negative at all though, I’m a massive attention seeker so I absolutely love this."

Despite all of the support, Maddy's new-found fans didn't succeed in identifying the mystery man.

Maddy Mussen, 23

"They really tried though," Maddy said.

"Honestly the team of people that have really committed to commenting on the post and the ones that really care would be able to solve any true crime.

"I have actually had lots of applications from other men.

"I’ve had at least five DM’s from men putting in their applications. More power to them to be honest.

"I have mostly been ignoring them because I’m incredibly fussy and I am trying not to focus on relationships at the moment.

Resident's have thanked Maddy for the entertainment through lockdown

"Which is ironic given the situation we’re in."

One resident responded to the post: "Ah that is so nice...maybe instead of just reuniting pets and owners we can unite love and attraction."

Another resident started a hashtag: "Love this. But now I'm hooked and need to know what happens next. Will Maddy find her man?

"Tune in next week to find out. #maddysman."

Residents are still sharing their thanks to Maddy for relieving their boredom over lockdown.

One said: "Thanks for making us all laugh and be so invested in your search for love - it’s certainly relieved lockdown boredom."

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